Message from the Chairperson
Yoshiyuki Tsuji
the 12th term (December 1/2020-March 31/2022)※).

I feel very pleasure to introduce myself to you.
So far, I contributed to this association as vice chairperson, general affairs
officer, and officer in charge of environment protection and crime prevention.
I,especially,worked on the chief manager of cleanup activity “Clean
Communities”.Based on these experiences, I would like to contribute to create
a safer and more comfortable town with you.

By the way, in addition to the implementation of "Clean Community," the
Shibaura Island Neighborhood Association carries on safety sentry at the
intersection of the eastern end of the Yunagibashi bridge during spring and
autumn “Traffic Safety Campaign.” We, of course, work on various disaster
prevention activities.We plan and manage our annual regular event
"Shibaura Island Festival," in which so many people participate and enjoy
every year.Furthermore, we cooperate the "Marche" sponsored by Minato city
and "Aipura Festival".We also participate in "night patrol" and cleanup activity
hosted by 3rd and 4th chome town associations of which we are member too.
In this way, we are engaged in a wide range of activities so far.
We will continue to promote these activities more strongly, so we look
forward to your warm support and cooperation.
※ Due to the revision of the Constitution in July 2021, the term of office is
until March 31, 2022.

Purpose of the association
The purpose is to keep good environment and develop good communities in
and around Shibaura Island by conducting the following regional activities
・ Activities that contribute to ensuring the safety of residents, such as
disaster prevention, crime prevention, and traffic safety
・ Activities that contribute to the improvement and beautification of the
living environment of residents
・ Activities that contribute to the improvement of the education and culture
of residents
・ Activities that contribute to community development by residents
・ Activities related to cooperation and cooperation with neighboring town
associations, neighborhood associations, and other external communities
・ Activities related to communication and cooperation with government offices
and governments

Members of the neighborhood association
・Cape Tower Management Association
・Grove Tower Management Association Corporation
・Mitsui Fudosan Investment Advisors Co., Ltd. as a trustee of each rental building
* Not individual residents.

・The highest decision-making body of the Association.
The proceedings will be unanimously decided by all councilors.
・The regular council is held in March and November.
The regular council in March is for approval of the settlement of accounts, and the
regular council in November is for approval of the action plan and the budget.

Councilors are Cape Tower Management Association, Grove Tower Management
Association corporation, and Mitsui Fudosan Investment Advisors Co., Ltd.
In fact, the president of Cape tower management association, Grove tower
management association corporation, and employees of Mitsui Fudosan Investment
Advisors Co., Ltd. play the roles of Councilor on behalf of each organization.

Board of the Association
· The decision-making body of activities of the association
· Committee is held monthly (basically 2nd Sunday).

Board members of the Association and Auditors
・The number of the board members is, in the Cape tower and Grove tower,
2 people from the residents who are the directors of the management association,
3 to 6 people from other residents, in the Air tower/Air terrace and the Bloom Tower,
in principle, within 3 people each from residents, and in Bloom Homes, in principle,
the total number of residents is 13 to 24. In addition, there are 2 auditors.
To see the current board members and auditors, please click here.
・The term of the board members and auditors is from April 1 to March 31 of the
following year.
・The candidates of the board members and the auditors shall be elected by the
end of January.