New Committee was Established.

"Cleaning and Crime Prevention committee" was newly
established in Jan 2016, as one of committees of
Shibaura Island Residents Community (Island Jichikai).

- Objective:
Further enhance cleaning and crime prevention activities
as the focus of Island Jichikai

- Members:
Open to any Shibaura Island resident. Please feel free
to contact Island Jichikai Office at

- Major activities:
1) "Clean Community", community cleaning activity
organized by Island Jichikai
2) Crime Prevention Night Watch Patrol - led by Shibaura
3/4-chome Residents Community (Chokai) and related
community groups in 3/4-chome, including Island Jichikai
3) Crosswalk Sentry for Shibaura Elementary School
Students - led by police and community groups in 3/4-
chome, including Island Jichikai
4) Others

- Clean Community schedule
First Sunday of every other months
Starts at 10:00am except for Aug (starts at 9:00am),
at Island Park ("Plane/ Sycamore Park")

- Crime Prevention Night Watch Patrol
Basically 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month.
Starts at 19:00pm from Shibara 3/4-chome Resident
Community (Chokai) Office
For details contact Chokai Office at
03-3451-4010 (weekday only)

Shibaura Island Residents Community
(Island Jichikai) Office
Tel 03-3456-7303 (weekday 10-18)

PHOTO Shinichiro Watanabe