Message from the Chairperson of the disaster management association
The main purpose of the disaster management association (the ”association”)
is to spread wide knowledge of our disaster management plan to the people
on the island and to learn and grow the knowledge as we together, so that
we can prepare ourselves to a contingency.
Since we will going to announce the association’s activities and various
disaster information through the website, it would be so much glad to have
your precious comments and your generous support to run this association as
Thank you very much, and that's all as simple greetings to you.

On a fine day in May of 2015
Shibaura Island disaster management association.
Chairman Eida Hiromitsu.

Operation members
Total 11 Volunteers from Shibaura Island residents.
We have urgent positions from Air Tower and Bloom Tower.

Qualified members
Anyone who lives in Shibaura Island, no other information is needed.

The history of the association
2010 Shibaura Island disaster management committee est.
2013 Shibaura Island disaster management association renamed.
   minor bylaw modified.
2014 Registered as voluntary organization for disaster prevention
   in Minato ward.

Normal period
・PDCA activities between Shibaura Island community, management
 association, rental management company.
・Intelligence sharing between Minato ward office, police, firehouse,
・Intercommunication between other disaster gurus.
・Plan and execute disaster lecture and simulation drill for all blocks.

In a time of disaster
・Operation help at Shibaura elementary school evacuation site.
・Operation help at Comprehensive disaster countermeasures
 headquarters at Shibaura island site.
・Etc, disaster response support.

Involvement between disaster related organization of internal district
and organization chart of the activities are in here.

Location of disaster countermeasures headquarters and its main organization
(Ref. Shibaura Island disaster management plan)
・Shibaura Island is designated to residual area when disasters happens.
 So every residents will spent at home basically without life environment
 is completely crushed.
・Facility maintenance and disaster activities is take care by disaster
 countermeasures headquarters within each towers.
・Disaster countermeasures headquarters within each towers will gather
the information of each building and the surrounding information and
cooperate with citizen shelter (local countermeasures headquarters) set up
in the local area (Shibaura elementary school)

Location of disaster countermeasures headquarters and its main organization