Shibaura Island is the name given to the redevelopment area located in Tokyo-
to Minato-ku Shibaura 4-chome. The redevelopment area, surrounded by canals,
is an islet consisting of high-scale luxury condominiums (2 apartment buildings,
2 condominium buildings) and public facilities of the Minato City.

芝浦アイランド周辺マップ CLUB芝浦アイランド 港区立こども園・児童高齢者交流プラザ 芝浦アイランド歯科 BAGUS BAR ピーコック

The land of Shibaura Island has been reclaimed from the sea and originally
Mitsui Sugar factories, Tokyo Electric Railway (Toden) vehicle plant and
switchyard, Bureau of Sewerage Tokyo Metropolitan Government pump station,
municipal apartments, Fuji Express bus depot were located there. This area
was redeveloped under the joint project made by the Urban Renaissance
Agency (UR) and 8 private business operators (Mitsui Fudosan, Mitsubishi
Corporation, ORIX Real Estate, SUMITOMO CORPORATION, Nippon Steel City
Produce, Itochu Property Development, DAIWA HOUSE INDUSTRY and Ken
The redevelopment area called "Shibaura Island" includes 4 districts in which
2 of them are respectively made of condominiums and rental apartments. The
area is divided in 2, between north and south, with a site area of
approximatively 45,000m² at North and 16,000m² forming a single block at
The redevelopment operations for the 2 districts started after the acquisition
of the Northern district in 2001 by the Urban Renaissance Agency (Japan
Regional Development Corporation at the time) from the Tokyo Metropolitan
Government and after the acquisition of the Southern district in 2002 by
Mitsui Fudosan and 6 other private business operators from Mitsui Sugar. The
completed Shibaura Island area is a city including approximatively 4,000
housings with a population of approximatively 10,000 inhabitants.
Besides the pump station of the Sewerage Tokyo Metropolitan Government,
the municipal apartments and the bus depot left in the area, there are also
numerous warehouses and office buildings. The nearest station is the JR
Tamachi station.

Specifications of each district
The area is divided into 4 blocks mainly constructed around high-rise
Moreover, there is a promenade around the whole island.

●A1 Block / Air Tower
Air Tower
Air Tower - Club House (entrance building) 1st floor lobby
Air Tower - Club House (entrance building at the front) and the Residence
Tower (at the back)
The Air Tower is a 48-story building including 871 condominiums which is
made from the following 3 parts: the entrance building Club House,
the housing building Air Residence and the shopping center Air Terrace.

●A2 Block / Grove Tower
The Grove Tower is a 49-story building including 833 condominiums.
The architectural design and the construction were made by KAJIMA
CORPORATION and was completed in March 2007.

●A3 Block / Boom Tower
The Bloom Tower is a luxurious apartment building including 1,028
The architectural design and the construction were made by SHIMIZU
CORPORATION and was completed in September 2008.

●Southern District / Cape Tower
The Cape Tower is a 48-story building including 1,095 condominiums.
There are dwelling units from 44m²one-room apartments to 167m²
3-bed-rooms apartments.
The architectural design and the construction were made by KAJIMA
CORPORATION and was completed in January 2007.
The Cape Tower is the second high-rise residential building using a
Y-shaped form in Japan.

Promenade - around the whole island
Platanus Park - approx. 2,500m²
Facilities for elderly people (Platesia, Bloom Homes)
②Clinic Mall
 Shibaura Island Internal Medicine
 Shibaura Children's Clinic
 Shibaura Island SKIN CLINIC
 Lime Pharmacy
Minato-ku Shibaura Island
 Children and Elderly Person Community Plaza

Peacock Store
           *①~⑥are the number figuring on the map

JR-EAST Yamanote Line - Keihin-Tohoku Line Tamachi Station - Shibaura
Exit (East Exit) 10 to 15 minute walk (Cape Tower)
Yurikamome Shibaura-futo Station - Approx. 10 minute walk Toei Asakusa Line
- Mita Line Mita Station - Approx. 15 to 20 minute walk (Cape Tower)
Tokyo Cruise Ship URBAN LAUNCH (water bus) Shibaura Island M.I. LaunchPort
Shuto Expressway No.1 Shibaura Exit Umibe Street (Umibe dori)